Closets and Storage

Well organized closets and storage areas can decrease clutter and make your home much more efficient and enjoyable. Here are some ideas to help optimize your closets and storage:

  • Bi-fold, pocket, or sliding doors take up less room and are less in the way than hinged doors. If doors are not a necessity, you might want to use lightweight draw draperies on a ceiling track instead.
  • If space is available, consider a walk-in closet. Walk-in closets can comfortably fit 2 individuals with split-level storage and space dividers.
  • Overly deep closets mean wasted space. Most modern closets can be built to single-hanger depth or 24 in. Deeper closets can be made more useful by installing a centered clothes rod 12 in. from the back wall and 48 in. from the floor, with a shelf 3 in. above the rod. In a child’s room, hang the rod 30 to 36 in. above the floor.
  • Don’t overlook lights for dark closets. When updating your wiring, have the electrician install closet lights where there are none, or install switches to replace pull-chain fixtures. Also available are battery-powered lights for use where re-wiring would be difficult. For the utmost closet lighting convenience, install motion sensors that turn lights on and off when the door is opened and shut.
  • The closet doorway should not have a sill or threshold. Be sure to run your carpet into your closet to keep the room feeling unified.
  • Customize your office with adjustable shelf brackets, steel or wire shelving, and coated wire baskets to make storage easy and convenient.
  • Under-the-bed storage modules that can roll under your bed are great space savers for bed linens and comforters.