3. Grading & Site Preparation

The first crew at the site handles site preparation. They will prepare the site for construction by removing all vegetation, rocks, debris and any structures that interfere with the footprint of the new house. Portions that will be incorporated into the new construction will be prepared as well. After the site is cleared, and leveled if necessary, the crew can begin on the footing. The footing is a mass of concrete that supports the foundation of the house. This is the most important and fundamental step in building a house because, if done incorrectly, the home can shift or the foundation can crack. You want to do it once and do it right.

At this point, local building inspectors will usually check the location, depth, width, and soil suitability of the foundation footings before concrete is poured. This ensures the footings are deep enough and rest on stable earth. Once the footings are poured, preparations can begin for your underground utilities and then the foundation.