Design Tips

With your thoughts organized, it’s time to work out the design. You may want to design it yourself or hire an architect, but in either case discuss your ideas with a professional who can offer a fresh but experienced perspective. The Price Builders team offers a free design consultation as well as a free estimate.Contact us to set up an appointment and let the experts work for you.

Some elements to consider:

  • Traffic patterns – Keep the flow of the home working smoothly.
  • Privacy – Bedroom areas should be isolated from the general living areas of the house.
  • The Sun – Where the sun rises can change the mood and feeling of a home.
  • Heat gain – Design to maximize comfort and minimize bills.
  • Ventilation – Be aware of the prevailing winds and make use of cross ventilation whenever possible.
  • Noise – Put sleeping areas far from street or freeway noise and remember that kitchen, laundry and furnace areas produce noise which can be annoying when watching a movie or reading a book.
  • Lighting – Different types of lighting (individually controlled) can give great flexibility to change the function or feeling of a room with the flip of a switch.
  • Windows – In addition to important technical details (sound and light transmission, frame, exterior, venting and orientation) special features that can transform a room are window seats, bow or bay windows and “pop-out” windows.
  • Fireplace – Always a good investment and a great feature for the living room, bedroom, family room or master bathroom.
  • Entrance – When you entertain guests, the entry is their first impression, and it should be a great one.